Did you know these things about poker history?

Did you know these things about poker history?

  03 May 2020

You might know how to enter pokerlounge99, but do you know these interesting poker facts. Find out some curious things from the history of the most legendary card game in the world.

Let’s consider you are a real poker enthusiast. You know where the best poker bonuses are. You know every big player in the online poker industry. You are even one of the few first people, who are informed about the opening of the new amazing poker website pokerlounge99. However, do you really think you know absolutely everything about the poker game?

We doubt so. To test it, let’s make an experiment. Tell us, please, did you know all of these curious facts about poker history.

  1. Poker as the game we know today (ok, with a couple of things that have been modified within the time) was invented by French people, but in New Orleans. It’s curious to know that in the beginning, the poker deck consisted only from 20 cards. Plus, the first poker hand type was formed of 4 cards.
  2. One of the most popular poker players isn’t someone from the 21st century, who has recently become super rich from a poker tournament and who the paparazzi journalists chase in order to show in the social network gossip pages. As a matter of fact, the most popular poker lover was the American president, Richard Nixon. He became famous for his passion in the middle of the World War II. Nixon played poker in the US Navy quite regularly between the battles for fun.
  3. The first poker chips were made of gold. Actually, they were no chips. Instead, poker players used either real gold nuggets, or some golden coins. The poorest poke enthusiasts used to be able to afford only gold dust. However, the gold dust was an official poker currency with no limits, too.
  4. The poker game where the biggest number of players participated in, though, was from today’s history. It turned out that the largest poker game took place in the middle of the 2013th year. In June about 225 thousands of poker enthusiasts claimed an entrance for the Onchan tournament situated in the Isle of Man, which, as you know, is a destination that has been recently quite often linked to gambling in general.
  5. It was 1973rd year, though, when poker appeared on TV. At this time, actually, the first World Series of Poker was broadcasted on TV. According to the witnesses from those times, the event was massively appreciated and liked even from people who have never played poker before. The poker experts claim that this event made a huge impact over the increase of the players typical for the end of the 20th century.

So, would you know tell you really knew everything about poker? It doesn’t matter actually. Now, you are quite more informed and well-educated about poker history.

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