Insight Into Online Craps And Strategy For Beginners

Insight Into Online Craps And Strategy For Beginners

  29 Aug 2021

It might sound strange to you, but Craps is one of the simplest casino games with comprehensive gaming rules and betting options. Are you excited to know more about this boisterous casino game? Stay hooked with us to know more.

If you are in a casino and hear loud cries of joy, happiness, and celebration, you must be near a craps game table. It is the most straightforward game among the wide range of options. The several betting options adds to the charm of this dice game.

The Objective

A game of Craps is played on a customized table that comes with a unique layout. The game involves two dices, and the players need to wager on the results of these dices. The players always play against the house. Therefore, Players have to predict the outcome of the two dice before rolling the dice. The players place their bets accordingly, and with the results of the round, the players are paid accordingly.

Betting Variations in Craps

One of the essential factors about the game of Craps is to understand the various ways of placing bets around the table. Craps offer two types of betting options- immediately before disclosing the outcome of the dices or after series of the rolling outcome.


The only strategy of Craps is to identify the odds of winnings. The two dices of a Craps game together creates 36 combinations. While some combinations are created in different ways, some of the combinations occurred by two specific numbers. With practice and practical experience, the players can figure out the odds of winning.

Different Types of Crap Games

  • Street Craps

It is a game that is similar to the land-based gaming version. Generally, Street Craps is not played in casinos. They are enjoyed in private gaming rooms, and that’s why they called street craps.

In this category, all the players try covering other players bets. It is known as fading. A player’s bet placed is considered only when someone else playing on the same table tried to fade the bet. If the shooter wins the round, then the loss of the bet is shared between both the players.

  • Open Craps Games

Open Craps Games are an illegal version of Craps that are played only in private gambling locations. The game is played with real cash, and the stakes are incredibly high. Such types of Craps games also exceed the house limits. The gaming layout of open Craps is more straightforward than the standard Craps version.

Moving ahead, here are some tips regarding the various aspects of the Craps game:

  • Free Craps Games

Free Craps games are an excellent way to understand the gameplay in a better way. Moreover, the free games help the players under various combinations of the dices without losing money as a bet. Players must take advantage of the free games.


The players must keep in mind that the rolling of dice and its outcome is based on luck. There is no similarity in the different rounds as it is all random.

Managing Bankroll

Managing bankroll is one of the essential tasks for any player. For the sake of the game, players must not turn bankrupt. Moreover, players must understand how much they want to play with their purse value. They must divide the purse value with the number of rounds they wish to play and then only plan the betting value for each game.

Final Thoughts

Craps is different from traditional dice games. It is famous for creating excitement among the players. Most online live casino Malaysia offers Craps game. Players must keep in mind the points discussed above. Stay safe and happy gambling!

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