Top reasons why you should never count cards in live casino again

Top reasons why you should never count cards in live casino again

  24 Jun 2021

Have a look at this material to find out why counting cards in live casino card games might not be a good idea. See the cases when you just should avoid doing that.

One of the oldest live casino tactics is counting the cards. In the past, when there were only physical casino lobbies some companies and VIP tables have had bans on this strategy. However, with the release of the first internet gambling houses and the appearance of the first virtual card game tables counting cards has become an ordinary practice.

Many players have decided that this is the best way for them to make profits. Some of the gamblers have suffered a lot until they master the skill. Others did everything possible to count the cards and no matter what a disaster they experienced, they just kept doing it.

Today, when we are more modernized as gamblers as never before, it is high time to stop counting cards. And there are any reasons and occasions you shouldn’t do it indeed. Here’s why you should stop counting cards:

  1. Because counting cards is not made and suitable for all the games in a casino. This technique is ideal of Blackjack lovers. Some poker players might claim that the tactic works for them, too. But they will admit, though – it’s not always on mandatory to count the cards in 3-card poker or in Texas Hold Em. You definitely shouldn’t count the cards in Baccarat.
  2. Because it’s not a skill that everyone will eventually master. And if you are bad in some tactic, why bothering at all? You can actually get yourself more losses if you count the cards the wrong way.
  3. Because counting cards might bring you some huge delays. We all know that in an online casino everything happens too fast. And we know that in live casino section things get even quicker. If you are slowing down your game due to trying to count the cards, you will definitely not achieve anything good.
  4. Because profit margins are actually pretty thin. You will want to win lots of money, but even when you count the cards this is not enough. In all cases, you will have to consider about the provided profit margin, as well as about the house edge and whether there are other ways to beat it.
  5. Because counting cards is everything else, but not a huge fun. It might be quite entertaining only for those Mathematic genius players. However, for the regular players it seems so boring. And one of the top rules when you play real money games online is having fun, right?

Playing card games and counting cards might seem to you as a guarantee for a win. However, if you are not skillful enough in this tactic, it gets the way you start losing more money. Don’t do it again if this is not your kind of strategy!

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